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stab magazine

hi. shinya here, the designer of lowercase. i used to design / create for the curious surf magazine, stab. in the six-ish years i was there, i created 40 print magazines (now, times that by three, and that’s how many sleepless nights i’ve had in my time there #deadlines) and was involved in a pretty wide net of creative output across a lot of mediums.

just to dial out some responsibilities at stab, i handled: magazine design, content direction (video / photography), music direction, basic logo animation, basic video editing, ideation (for shoots / editorial), photo colour correction, t-shirt graphic, etc. evidently, there were lots of hats to wear there.

all action photos by the awesome john respondek.

the magazine. the thing i was most proud of. i got to toss away all cliches in surf publications, and really got to paint the town red when it came to design. – s

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