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as much as we’d like to see through every project to complete fruition in the real world, we don’t always get so lucky! the following logos are a combination of brands under development, as well as a couple of projects which may be floating in a limbo status, and some, unused. we’re proud of them, so we’re giving these guys a little halfway home here.

innu: an online store for people who prefer to live outdoors.  coming soon-ish.

become you wellness: providing yoga, massages, and meditation for conferences

u-pilot: a flight simulation company. south coast, australia.

ocean supply co: distributor of ocean-based hardware and lifestyle products

olokun: surf forecast / social media app.

windward avenue: an interior design agency based in newcastle, nsw.

district cold press: juice company, backing local producers.

rolling youth press: an ideas factory taking care of custom publishing, advertising campaigns, parties and branding.

insight electrical & air: a newcastle based company.

college link: an organisation connecting folks with a broad range of services from leading colleges.

d & t: an australian made premium organic beard / hair care.

the blanks company: supplies clean-skin mens apparel.

found north: an online adventure / travel journal.

lovers of today: a womens boutique fashion store in melbourne, australia.

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