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general admission

borrowing words from their info page: “general admission is a destination where people from all cultures feel welcomed and find a common interest. along with slinging clothing and coffee, our goal is to bring the community together through common interests and social interaction. we’re creating a social hub for new and old venice to interact on a equal level.”

for the past few months, we’ve been knocking up everything from their new logo, apparel, event fliers and more.

this is a very much a work in progress. we’re waiting on a number of things to come out of production, which includes apparel, retail bits and pieces, stationary and more. exciting!

all lifestyle photos by our boy from venice, matthew smith, and store photography, courtesy of roaming lovers.

general admission launched back in the middle of 2015. the venice centric store created a lot of buzz around town, especially from hosting multiple art shows / events over the months that followed the opening, which brought together the like-minded individuals of all ages. things were on track, but they felt that the logo / branding was far too generic and it didn’t represent who they were at all.

pause. and, play. here’s our rebrand process.

logo blueprint: the guys from general admission lay great importance in the venice heritage and it’s street culture. they’re eager to establish their presence on the venice map / community. this often sees them represent the tag, 52brooks. this prompted us to integrate their location tag into the new logo. we found the opportunity in the double-s in the word admission, which we swapped out with the numbers, 52.

we recently co-designed the home page for their brand new website. give it a visit, here. or, if you’re ever in venice, give the fellas a visit at their store: 52 brooks ave venice, ca.

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