soon: a photo journal by john respondek

the editorial blood in me dances at the smell of ink, spread across freshly sliced paper with a hint of glue in the bindings. why wouldn’t your feet tap? it’s simply just the best! i use to make 11 magazines a year, and now that i make zero a year, any opportunity that lands where i get to design editorial, i just… it’s too much!

we’ve been working with the lovely surf photog, john respondek on his book of  pro surfer, dion agius for a bit, and it’s finally off the press! it’s been an on-and-off kind of project for a while, but it’s a done deal.

more soon! – shin


2017: time to get it

ever bothered with a new year’s resolution? us neither! in place of a list full of inevitable coulda-woulda-shouldas, here’s one simple promise; 2017 will be bigger. 2016 wasn’t the best year for the world, and, while our year as lowercase wasn’t quite the tour around candy land either, it was loaded with great lessons. sure, we lost sleep, got a little greyer, and now burdened with a crippling addiction for red bull. but we’ve also learned to take a breath, learned to let go, ironed out some work flow issues, and did you know that red bull comes sugar free? we’ve realised nothing is a sprint, rather, a strategic well-paced marathon. we’re just gonna keep climbing as we were, and grind away at an ass-kicking year.

of course, 2016 would have been impossible, without the support of all of our amazing clients. to the new and old. we’re v thankful, and here’s to a bitchin’ 2017!

now, let’s get it.


late news: sir look books

we love print, that’s no news. we love an opportunity to turn something we’ve made digitally into a tangible product. here’s a quick glance at the look books for sir the label. more, soon!


satisfaction: punch trump in the face!

it’s no news now, that lots of americans are furious over the presidency being handed over to donny trump (well, our american friends anyway). particularly unimpressed are the neighborhood bru gang over in venice CA. to give them an outlet, we designed them a loyalty card with trump’s face printed on it. basically, you punch trump in the face (with a hole punch) and the 10th one’s on the house!

new do: the habitat gets a makeover

probably around 12months ago now, we refreshed a branding for the habitat, a premium shoe store in byron bay. they’ve just relocated to a bigger space up the road from their original location, and it’s looking so beast. congrats, guys!

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