coming soon: honest ale

a little late to report, since it feels like we’ve been working on this forever, but we’re thrilled to unveil the logo for honest ale, margaret river. a little schooner of beer, based in western australia will soon launch as a bottle. much more, soon-ish.

coming soon: shut up & take my money

magazines are our thing. both producing and consuming them. so we’re pretty chuffed to announce that we got to make a 160-ish page magazine for d’marge, which hit the shelves today. this magazine is so full of epic things which we can’t afford to touch or even dream, but the mag? $15! shut up & take my money!

more on this project soon.

watch: dion. by respondek

photography is art, right? and art is subjective (or something). in surf publications and actually probably most genre, it’s rare for photographers to have the final say on which photos of theirs runs and which doesn’t. sad, but so true. it’s up to the publishers to choose which piece fits where to complete the whole picture (in this case, the magazine) – which is also fair.

our friend john respondek, an accomplished photographer, wanted to print his own damn magazine with his own damn photos of his own choosing. he shoots all around the world, all year long, why should’t he have the platform to show his very best work? (instagram? oh, please) enter: pro surfer, dion agius. the two travel together so often, that it made complete sense for dion to be the subject.

this is that book (and we’ll be back with a complete folio piece), and we’re proud to have put it together for john. oh, and it’s also now selling.

watch: david bowie’s note to the creative you

do you miss david bowie as much as the rest of the world? can you believe he’s been gone over a year now? here’s a lovely message from DB that should get you through the day.

watch: crème caramel, by canada

nowness is a vortex. like, get on at 11am for half an hour, and it’s suddenly 3pm. that kind of vortex. and, this is exactly the kind of content that grabs you by the heart, leaving feeling great at the other end. like a hug from the inside.

now, forgive us for posting content which is two years old (it might as well be two decades old in internet time), but it’s a goodie, if you haven’t seen.

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